Welcome to our Wiki Pages and 21st Century Learning.

What is a Wiki?

hi,A wiki is a collaborative space where we share our knowledge and learning. Watch this to find out more...


These pages have been set aside as collaborative workspace to share your projects in the third term.


  • Students to use 21st century collaboration skills in a safe environment
  • Students to learn and define wiki, upload, widget, hyperlinks, avatar, digizen
  • Students to collaborate on a webspace that reflects their projects and achievements

Here are some videos to help with your wiki creations.

Logging in our Wiki

Finding your Wiki Page and Uploading your Avatar

How to add Dynamic Content to your website

Your Tasks

1. Adding a Comic Avatar

mr._c_avatar.gifCreate a "new page" with your name and last initial (i.e. AnthonyC with no spaces)new_page_wiki.gif
Your URL is: http://ict-bvg.wikispaces.com/AnthonyC (replace with your name)

  • Add your name and some fun information about yourself. Remember not to give away any personal information and to press save.
  • Now create an avatar using Bitstrips and save it in the K drive using the "print screen" key
  • link: http://www.bitstrips.com/create/character/

  • Upload your avatar picture to your wiki page.
  • Click onnew_page_wiki3_file.gifThen click on new_page_wiki3_upload.gifand find your file on the K: drive.
  • When finished uploading, click on it to insert the file.

2. Adding a Digizen to your page

Our Wiki Project
This year we will using a wiki to share our learning and discoveries in Social Studies and Science. This "webspace" will be the platform to share a pag
piratesheh.jpge on our research and learning.

Task 1: Create a presentation software using Power Point
Task 2: Upload your presentation on your new Wiki page.
Task 3: Create a map on one of your explorer's routes with "Google Maps" and embed this map into your wiki.

All Grade Six students will be assigned an Explorer and will collaborate to build an amazing page of research and resources. In addition, this web site will be presented to the class so make them interesting and exciting to watch.

Go beyond the research to create a unique presentation through video, graphics, stories, slideshows, diaries and other ideas. Use your creativity to design an amazing piece of work.

(also see Mr. Neville presentation)
In your presentation, you will incude the following information about your explorer:
  • brief introduction/background (i.e. nationality, born-died, country represented, personal ambitions, etc.)
  • purpose of expedition(s) (i.e. reasons for exploration)
  • journey/route(s) (i.e. what years, name of ship, where sailed, etc.)
  • challenges/hardships (i.e. difficulties experienced before, during, or after expedition)
  • other notable occurences (i.e. interesting facts/happenings)
  • historical contributions (i.e. discoveries, importance, influence, etc.)
  • sources/references (a min. of 1 book, 1 website, & 1 reference book or on-line encyclopaedia)

Essential Questions
  • What were the motivating factors for early European exploration?
  • What is the historical significance of your explorer?

Here is a sample video to get you started with ideas...